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New Orange Box (5th Gen) coming soon
Posted by Prime(CH) (Swiss) on 09 June 2015 04:53 PM


The 'Orange Box' as it's become known in cloud and telecoms circles is having a little make over.  

The small, luggable 'data centre' in a box, has seen many successes and now that the 5th generation i5 vPro CPU powered NUC boards are in general supply, we are working hard to make the minor internal changes to adopt the new boards.  The main benefit, besides a newer version of Intel AMT, and the new 'Broadwell' CPUs is that the 5th generation platforms can support 2x 16GB IMM Memory modules, which means 10x 32GB RAM in the box, compared to the original 10x 16GB.  The IMM modules have been tested in Intel Labs - and here you can learn more about the new option.  

It may not be fully released, until the 'Orange Box' softWare installation kit is completed. But Tranquil R&D are now completing the physical hardware changes.  Those wanting to run their own choice O/S can order now - but if you want a fully 'ready to go' Ubuntu branded system with Ubuntu MAAS etc - then you may need to wait just a little while.

The new units will look extremely similar to the original.  If you are interested to learn more about the Orange Box or other Tranquil Micro Clusters just drop us a line

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