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Mitigating Intel AMT Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
Posted by Florin Finaru on 11 May 2017 11:27 AM

A critical vulnerability was announced by Intel for products that run Active Management Technology alongside Management Engine. The vulnerability, registered as CVE-2017-5689, allows attackers to escalate and gain system privileges. The official notice and further information can be found by accessing the following link .

As the NUC5i5MYBE motherboards are affected by the vulnerability and these are used in our V4N units, we advise our customers to update BIOS to version MYi50035 in order to mitigate the issue. Furthermore, the INTEL-SA-00075 detection tool can be downloaded from the following link in order to confirm the motherboard is running the correct ME version, .

To update BIOS, follow the steps bellow:

  1. Download the MYi50035.BIO file from this link 
  2. Copy the MYi50035.BIO file to a flash drive
  3. Connect the flash drive, a keyboard and monitor the motherboard
  4. Power up the motherboard and press the F7 key at the POST screen to access the BIOS Update utility
  5. Navigate to the location on the flash drive where the MYi50035.BIO file was saved and start the update
  6. Wait until this process has ended and confirm enter BIOS to confirm the version was updated to "MYBDWi5v.86A.0035.2017.0506.1649"

If further assistance is required, please contact our support team via the ticketing system.

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